My name is Paul Butterfield and I enjoy writing about life events.  I prefer to bend my focus to the positive and share tips or experiences for self improvement.  As I struggle to improve myself, I hope that others can use my experiences, notes, monologues, as a starting point to trigger their own journey.

I currently live on an island in Canada, though I am below the 49th parallel.  I have a loving girlfriend, a grown son, and a wonderful family, but I feel as if there is much more potential that lays waiting, deep inside, that still needs to be awakened.

This is my attempt to harness that power, that energy and self confidence, to become the person I truly see myself as.

A typical hero. Or is it an atypical hero? Either way, my focus is on finding what’s heroic in life 365 days a year. This focus is personal, and it allows me to see the wonder and human spirit in every day.

There are those among us that have extraordinary vision, they can see invisible things; invisible people. Some can sacrifice what they have for others. Others do duties and tasks that you and I might never think of doing, as a matter of course.

Being a hero doesn’t have to be a grand event, but there is something about sacrificing something of your self. It may be your image or some material possessions, but for the hero, it is always worth the effort.

Sometimes we don’t get to achieve what ‘we’ think a hero should be, or should portray, but to others, just a nod, an acknowledgement, could be all they need to see you as a hero, especially when they are invisible to everyone else.

Do you see the bent over person in rags, stooped by years of bottle salvaging and living outdoors, when you cross paths? Can you smell the scent of the nearby flowers when they bloom along the street? Do you feel the breeze on your cheeks when you walk from your home to your destination? Do you think about others? Do you wonder what you might be missing each and every day of your life that has escaped your vision but literally surrounds you every single day?

You might just have a mind for seeing what an atypical hero sees when they open their eyes. If you could see what they see, what would you see?


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