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I never saw the grid before. I never thought of it, or even dreamt of anything like it, but over time a sensation began to grown within me that shaped itself into a belief in an underlying structure or connection between all things, all matter.

This is what I call here the grid, but it is just a name, and it is much more than that. It is our connection to one another, the pathway for feelings to flow from one person to the next, the way through which you receive tingles or sensations about people physically distant from you. How can you explain thinking about someone just before they call, or sensing that you should get in touch with a friend just when it was critical to do so?

What we know about physics now has validated what we previously thought was magic. In Arthur C Clarke’s own words:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

There was a time when we believed the world was flat, the earth was the centre of the galaxy, and the universe was made up of only what we could see. Now we know that our universe contains less than 5% of what we have on earth: stuff, matter, things we can see and experiment on. Less than 5%! The rest of the universe is roughly 68% dark energy and 27% dark matter, both of which we do not yet understand. Wow. See the Planck Mission from NASA.

Could this dark energy really be the field of connection we experience all around us? It’s only ‘dark’ because we don’t yet understand it.

I was walking a path to one of my favourite places and part of the gravel had washed away in the rain to reveal a geotextile grid beneath it. It reminded me of the idea of a grid; something that connects us all together with the earth and one being, with other humans, with animals and plants and even the rocks and lava below us.

This was the path I was on…

…and when I looked down I saw the grid.

When people talk about the fabric of the universe, what do they mean by ‘fabric’?

I believe there is something that connects us; I’ve felt it. I’ve felt the energy from bad people before they commit a crime (on a poor friend). I’ve felt the attraction to people I’ve just met that lingers for days. There is something out there that emanates even between you and I, and we don’t have to see it to believe it.

Something else that we don’t see, but can understand is the power of ‘the word’. It is one of the most powerful ways we ‘use’ the energy to bring in to being, or manifest, change, conflict, or love. Consider if someone curses at you. Does your energy shift? Does it impact you and your thoughts in a particular manner? If you put someone down, does it not impact both you and the person and perhaps several others around you? And vice versa, when we praise and encourage others or even our self, doe we not sense energy? Are we not buoyed by it? What is it that we are buoyed within?

If our words hold power to manifest change, then our thoughts are precursors to this power. What we think, fear, or dream, draws upon this dark mysterious energy to bring about that which is thought.  Consider this:

As you think, so shall you be.

When I stop to consider my thoughts, I wonder where they come from? Perhaps my beliefs. If my beliefs were established before I became aware of any alternative, then I would have used them to form my thoughts, biased toward the belief I hold. If that is the way of thought and speech, then everything that everyone says is biased to a way of thinking they were taught before they ever had a say in whether or not they chose to believe in it.

This is why it takes so long for us to change our patterns of behaviour.

The grid is the nexxus we can not see, and can only feel on a very deep level, if we can tune in, if we are connected to our sensations beyond the five society has told us we have. We have many, many more, and they are all related to that which we do not see.

NASA and many physicists are on the trail to discover the secrets of the universe that have not yet yielded to our enquiry, but it’s starting to look more like magic than it ever has before. Perhaps this energy field, this force, to use the Star wars figure of speech, is just that. After all, what is magic but unexplained reality?

In my exploration of this grid, or underlying structure that connects all of us together, I can now look more compassionately at others as a part of me. If we are one, as is so often the phrase used to allow us to acknowledge the damage to the earth and start thinking sustainably, as if we are one being, then you are a part of me and I am a part of you.

We may have come from some other location, a different mother for sure, but I ask this: does the bark think it is separate from the tree?

Is a tree just what we see above the ground? What of the root system that attaches to all the other trees? where does one tree end and another begin? The notion of a fabric of space also conveys the idea of togetherness in Nature. And if so in Nature, how are we to consider our self separate from it? And if we are not separate, then how are we connected?

As with many of my ideas, articles and thoughts, it leaves me asking more questions, but along with those, I feel a deeper sense of understanding, even though I may not know specifically about, I ‘feel’ closer to you, to my friends and neighbours and all the environment that I surround myself with every day; even these humble walls around me.

May you feel a sensation of connectedness when you explore the fabric of your universe.