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Close eyes. Breathe in.

I have often thought of my desire to be on stage, or in front of a class, or in a group teaching others about aspects of life that I have uncovered from the teachings of the many practitioners of self development, conscious living, and creative exploration. Then I get this self doubt saying “Who am I do say anything about life when I don’t have everything together my self?”

Then I answer back “Who am I not to be the conduit for others, even if I am not presently portraying it?” I have still learned it. I still see the value in it. It may take years to get there, but must I wait until perfection strikes? I may never get to that place.

Then I had a flash of inspiration. I saw a lightning storm on a program I was watching, and the idea of conduit came back to me. What people need is not perfection, they simply need someone to stand up and present ideas worth spreading, as TED Talks likes to say. They simply need a lightning rod from which ideas and concepts flow for there to be value.

So many of us are afraid to stand up, to sacrifice our self for the good of others. To stand up and take on the fear and self doubt and in spite of all that say ‘hello, I have an idea. I want to share something with you.’

This concept of being that conduit allows me to be perfectly imperfect, and share my difficulty in being everything I admire about life, but sharing it nevertheless!

If anyone ever waited for perfection to happen before they stood up and proclaimed anything, we would still be sitting in a cave, I’m sure of it.

Hallelujah, that we can be our true self and share what it means to us! I am so glad this thought arose and has eased some of my doubt about being the person I one day wish to be, or more accurately, be in the profession I one day wish to pursue.

We need more conduits out there to say “I have an idea, a revelation, or a lesson learned that I would like to share with you. Would you like to listen, dialogue, or participate?”

Breathe out. Open eyes.