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You have all heard it: the Hero’s Journey, the Walkabout, or rite of passage journey to discover, or rediscover one’s self. In the day to day life, and by saying that, I mean the unconscious daily routine or expectation by others for our duty, we can lose our inner self. We can lose that which we were born in to: the real person we harbour deep inside.


At some point, a crisis forms. We start to sense the split, or divide, between who we are, and who we have become. It usually grabs us as a startled realization after we slowly creep, slide, and are pulled away from the essence of who we are. It’s so slow, we never know it’s happening.

It is said that when we first take this adventure, whether travelled in miles or in thought, there are two of us in our mind. When we complete it, and regale the lessons learned and experiences of life between them both, and say all there is to be said, only one shall remain. That is the reconnection of our true essence with our current being, and it is what we all seek every day of our life, if we are open to experiencing it.

In the beginning we simply are. We may not know what that is, but we embody that ‘beingness’ when we are born and are young children; our nature is clear. Then, through the very thorough beating down of our minds to conform, we are changed, but, we always harbour a way back home. Like the salmon that long for the place of their birth, we too need to rediscover the wellspring of our true nature.

It grounds us, and without it, we are wandering nomads, Ronin, masterless. Our inner spirit, whatever you wish to describe it as, is the safe harbour in which we can strike out, confident in who we are, and how we desire to act, all in accordance to our desired nature, personality, and ultimately, our character.

It seems, in real terms, that this comes at our mid life time frame. Consider most people, who have children and put their life on hold for two decades or more, only to discover they have lost touch with just what their life meant to them. The children leave home and we are left, bereft of a foundation and a concrete sense of self. That happens about our fourties or fifties does it not? It makes sense.

I am 47yrs old. Even though that scenario was not exactly mine, I had a child in my early twenties, and I lived a most unconscious life until three years ago. I worked, I paid debts, I looked forward to the weekend retreat, and I did it all over again, day after day, week after week. It was senseless and eventually I stopped trying to make sense out of it. I became dead inside, cold, and lifeless.

I tried to tap back into who I was, my connection to Nature, my desire to meet people and interact on a social level, but it all missed the mark. It was good work mind you, and I caught a glimpse of who I was in some activities that furthered the challenge to find it once again, but it wasn’t enough.

I was fumbling slowly forward,and at that pace, I wasn’t sure I was going to make enough progress and still be healthy enough to enjoy it in my lifetime. I needed some other impetus to drive me forward. What I didn’t know is the extent to which the Universe was matching my mind state, all along my entire life. It was giving me what I dwelled upon, all along.

When I was worried about bills and debts, I was inundated with them. When I was regretting my choices, my life became a despair, and when I sought small victories of self, they were achieved. What I needed was something more, and just as my entire life had shown to me, it came to meas well.

I met a kindred soul.

I met a person who was on her own journey in life, but was ahead of me, and she was willing to light my path from her beacon of life’s lessons. I was so attracted to this lightness of being, like a moth to a flame, that I dove into the concept of self development, conscious awareness, and meditation with abandon. I was so dry, so cracked, from disuse in those areas of my mind, that these constructs whetted my appetite for more.

The more I read about Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, Rumi, Bhudda, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah, Socrates, Michael Singer, and SO many more authors and figures of history, recent and long past, the more information about selflessness, and inner thought and personal power I began to experience.

This was nothing to the discussions I would have about the struggles in real life I faced with my kindred soul. I mean, when you put a book down, that environment washes away, and what is left is the environment you live within. When you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings about that which rails against you, with another human being, and learn more about yourself in that moment, and the experiences that follow, damn, if that isn’t one of the most enticing experiences of your life!

I lived this way for years, talking, experiencing, dialoguing, dreaming, planning, and slowly forming a basis for foundational thoughts of self. Understanding the mechanisms of mind and brain, and where our triggers come from, ways to recreate them; essentially the deconstruction of self. That’s it really, you learn to deconstruct who you are now, in order to see what is at the core. Hopefully that brings you back to the thing we all lost: our essence of true self.

At that point, we can rebuild our self, we can choose what aspects to keep with us as we move forward. We can choose to hide less of our truth than before as we continue the journey of self discovery.

I’ve simply started it, here in my 40s, and it intrigues me so much. I suppose I am in my mid life, or rather I would like to think this is my mid life. I may not live through the night, or I may live considerably longer, a fact I have begun to embrace within reason, and without abandon through the act of surrendering my sense of control over it.

This journey we go on is magical when we first set foot upon the path, and that is an intriguing moment that I love hearing about. I love to hear what it was that set our foot upon the path in the first place. What was it? What tipping point did you encounter to bring your mind about to consciously feel or acknowledge the divide between your true self and your current self? What made you stop and think about where you are in life? What crisis of self did you experience? Or was it a crisis? Did you arrive there out of some other emotional experience? There is so much to learn!

It was the offer of learning, the experience of a guided meditation, that I seized, grasped with all my might, and brought tears to my eyes, that brought me to the point where I simply had to have more.

The kindred spirit that offered me the teachings, and discussed life with me for several years, brought an enlightenment of sorts to me, enough to see where I was, and where I wanted to go. Who can ask more from a person? As our kinship grew, it faltered, and grew, and faltered, and grew, until it ultimately let go, like a teacher must set free the students, to inspire others and share the love they fostered of life and self.

It is at this point that we now walk on our separate journey, lighting paths for others, gently offering insights and lessons, hard learned, and openly shared. It is time for me to plan my ultimate journey into other lands, to experience other cultures, other worldly lessons, other experiences of self, to confront my yet inner self.

The hero’s journey is the journey we must all take before we breathe our last breath. Some take on on their death bed, others walk it from birth. I’m pretty typical in that it starts a bit later in life, but I am willing to take it to the next level and let lose the heartfelt adventurer within me. I plan to explore several countries around the world. A part of me needs to do this. I know without a doubt that I am compelled to do this.

I must travel, I must talk boldly and deeply with people living in different cultures, in differing circumstances, in lightness and darkness. I want to behold the essence of life that calls me to hike in forests and hilltops. This yearning to explore and capture all of life’s meaning is almost intoxicating as I wonder it even now and I want to share in the encounters of others, and what they feel is the essence of life.

It’s not the number of countries I visit, nor continents I stand on that matters; it will be the people I encounter that will enrich my life. That experience of embracing the multi-varied essence of life is the treasure I wish to share with everyone upon my return. That will be the gold under the rainbow, the ‘golden fleece’ the hero is summoned to receive, and the prize I know will be worth manifold the time it takes to embrace it.

This ‘walkabout’ the globe to seek the essential truth of being, in self and others, this Namaste Adventure, is so close to my heart, I literally feel it pouring out from it right now. I am overflowing with gratitude from the encounter the Universe gave to me with my kindred spirit, my teacher, my partner in life’s adventure, my rock, my counsel, my closest and most essential friend.

I am now ready to step forward and embrace the world. Thank-you to everyone who has been a part of my most recent journey of conscious awareness. It will take a year to plan for this trip I wager, and that is what I dedicate this blog to next; how does one prepare for this reconnoiter of sorts? The scouting of world experiences that embrace what life is all about internally and externally is surely to be an interesting segment of my life.

Now to the plan!

Do you have some worldly experiences you wish to impart to me? Let’s talk! Please send me a comment below and I’ll get ahold of you.