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What is a life led is isolation? A wasted life.

“What if that person attained Enlightenment? Wouldn’t it be worth it?”

“To whom?” I would reply.

If you can’t share your path to consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, or just a way out of town with another person, then what do you offer the community?

We are social beings after all; not that we all have to be, and certainly not all at the same time, but there’s a reason we are social. There’s a reason we advanced so much more over the last 100 years than we did the last 1000. It’s because we connected with so many more people. We shared ideas, thoughts, and paradigms.

If we go through life with little or no interaction with other people, then we run the risk of dying without sharing our natural abilities, gifts, or points of view. Who are we to deny our community the gift of a different perspective?

Our society is gaining conscious awareness because we can share this idea of personal growth with so many people around the world. It’s growth is exponential not because it has one single vision for the future, but that it embraces all paths to the inner journey to self awareness. All perspectives are welcome and embraced.

When I was your typical totally unconscious person that identified myself with my profession, I worked, then escaped, then worked, then escaped, whether with food or movies. I needed to because of how I felt at work, and I wasn’t yet aware of the power I had inside.

My boss was a tormentor, and I was tormented. In this routine, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to explore new relationships, to find friends with similar interests, or buddies to hang out with. Thus, I floundered in making friends and had only one close buddy, and he lived in a different city. I was missing out, and I knew it. I tried rationalizing it, but in the end, I wasn’t seeing the diverse value it might bring in to my life.

It’s rough having friends too, I mean when they want to hang out and you want to escape. It can be scary to reveal the real, drama-laden you to your friends. What is this preoccupation with always wanting to share a positive vision of you? Can’t we be real for a moment? Can’t we drop our mask for one time and just be?

Have you noticed an explosion in pet ownership in recent years? Doesn’t that make you think? Why? One article in the National Post suggests that young people are taking up pets because they are always positive. These have even been referred to as “fur babies”. I’d quote an articles, but I think that time has sailed when it was a new phenomena; there are literally dozens of shops especially catering to the needs as pets as significant as any family member.

2014-10-13 14.34.31Are we lacking social stimuli from the opposite sex and seek companionship in pets? Are we unable to handle the crisis of conflict and seek the waging tail as a constant comfort? The dog above is a friend’s pet that I have had the pleasure of getting to know. His name is Shrek and he certainly showed his fondness very openly.

Everything comes, exactly as needed, at exactly the right time. It’s true with me, as I now find myself visiting with several friends on a weekly basis. It was personal growth inside that I needed to work on before I was capable of interacting on a meaningful level with others. I share, they share, and we leave with both of us feeling nourished and enjoying the friendship.

I value all of my friends, because I haven’t had many for a very long time. I value men that I can share my life’s uniquely male journey with, and women that I can be honest with. In turn, they are open with me, and that sharing, that camaraderie, is so extremely valuable.

I would say to any one person out there that doesn’t have very many friends, if any, out there, that maybe, just maybe, you need to be willing to be the first one to say hello. Maybe you need to be the first one to share something honest. Maybe, like me, now is the best time to seek inner growth about what’s important in life.

If you can, find just one person to share deep conversations with it is enough for now. Just one person can bring about the biggest transformational changes that can peel back the layers of your well crafted onion-like facade, to reveal just a little bit of the real you, and sometimes that revelation is for both of you. I was lucky to have one special person awaken me to my own consciousness. She saved me really, and continues to provide me with clarity on my more cloudy days; and I on hers. JM you are a most blessed friend!

Fellowship, camaraderie (I just learned how to spell that), and friendship are so vastly underrated in today’s society, and yet displayed so thinly in popular media. It’s no wonder many people can’t cope with conflict, problems, or reality, and seek the winsome and positive com’fur’t of pets or numbness of substances.

I am so grateful to those that I spend time with, that enjoy my company, and seek a meaningful discourse. You really fill my heart with meaning and purpose. If you would enjoy spending some time on a hike, or talking about life’s journey, please feel free to contact me. It may have been years since we even saw each other, and in light of my 30th year high school reunion being in a few weeks, if that is the case, call me up and let’s talk!