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Heroes often have to ‘uncover’ some kind of hidden truth in their journey, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, and many times the hidden truth is about ourselves. I ran across an old speech I gave (circa. 2011) that talked about the hidden nature of truth and I thought I would share it with you. It’s one thing to read it, it’s another to hear it. I’ll include a recording of this speech soon.


This speech is dedicated to the pursuit of the elusive hidden truth.  It is called that, because it is hidden, but “it” also has a truth.  The pursuit of which is sought in places that tend to loosen our grip, our footing, on reality.  Let’s explore some areas where we might find something other than what our senses are telling us is real.  Let’s explore the Hidden Truth in everyday life.

It is said that we use 10% of our brain’s capacity.  So if we can use only that much, it begs us, does it not, to use it wisely.  To get you thinking, let me ask you a few questions, and in doing so we will explore each one in more detail:

What is real? 

What is truth? 

Who are you?

These questions are seldom asked, but worthy of much thought.  Popular Society would have us learn the answers from them, naturally.  But, oddly enough, when we ask philosophical questions like these, the people who are striving to answer them are physicists, biologists, chemists; people steeped in science.  They are starting to discover how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

Can we trust our own brains to tell us what’s real?

Our senses tell us what’s real.  But what are our senses but electrical impulses from our body to our brain that stimulate neurons in a way where we perceive these senses as reality.

How would we know, how could we know, if are bodies are a capacitor, transistor, a conduct-or within a Matrix like product-OR plugged in to a master machine that precisely panders to our delicate desires and creates a per-verse uni-verse?

How do we know?  How can we tell?

Perhaps we should consider truths.  They are solid, verifiable, and unchanging, aren’t they?  Sometimes the truth doesn’t just hide, it gets buried .

The first electric car was made in the 1830’s and held land speed records in excess of 100km/h before the year 1900.  What killed the electric car was Ford’s mass production of gasoline powered cars, the discovery of oil in California, Texas, and Oklahoma, and the construction of highways that took advantage of the longer range of gas engines.  Is it any wonder why it has taken so long for them to come back? Someone (whisper: oil & gas) might not have wanted (whisper:oil & gas) the electric car to take hold of the burgeoning car market (whisper: oil & gas).

I could go on, as the list of similar hidden truths is a long as the number of breaths we take, the number of statements we make, for Goodness sake!  Each is a truth, said and unsaid, read and unread, dead and undead.

But enough of these hidden obscurities.  Let’s get personal.  You know who you are right?  But do we know who you really are?

The hidden truth is what lies beneath.  Behind the veil of fantasy, the picture of sanit-E, lies the slippery, the sly, the truth of m-E.

Every person has a truth that is hidden from each and every one of us.  Our society does not teach us to live a revealing life, but a concealing one.  Passwords, keys, and owner Ids are mainstays of the world today.

Peel away the fake, the facade, and reveal the inner truth that we all possess.  Many of us take great pains to shield, hide, and conceal, when we should embrace, illuminate and reveal.

Time taken in the pursuit of illumination, the pursuit of inner knowledge and wisdom, can often lead a person to outward recognition.  I need not repeat these words in rapid succession or random repetition for you know that it is not what I say that matters, but how I say it that flatters.

May your journey be one filled with thoughtful progression, critical thinking, and personal insight, for a person that thinks, is.

May your journey be one of discovery no matter where you go, what you see, or what you feel.  Remember that our brain is used to telling us what it thinks is real, but if we try very hard, and relax the rules that it tries desperately to match with what it finds, we might just get a hint of something interesting, something hidden from view.  That just might be the Hidden Truth.

I’ll end it here and not after, If you will, Mr. Toastmaster

[This was a speech I gave in Toastmasters, (#4 How You Say It) I wrote it somewhat phonetically as I hadn’t memorized it and that helped me emphasize it how I wanted. Much of the colours and formatting is not shown as it got lost in copying it here from Word. I removed traditional Toastmaster introductions for clarity of the subject matter.]