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The one idea that I constantly run into is the idea that heroes are distant from us. They are the chosen ones. They have special abilities and powers and we can never be the hero. That is the real myth!

This whole blog, and idea that I write about, is exactly the opposite. Heroes are you and me and him and her and them. They are everyday people doing anyday things. You might be a teacher, a person that opens the door for someone else, listens to a person who needs to share their story, you might avoid hitting someone in your car, you might acknowledge someone, see someone, talk to someone, help someone…YOU are the hero that we never hear about.

That kind of hero is hardly ever shown on television, never really acknowledged, but the great thing is that these people never do what they do for recognition. They simply live their life being who they are. That’s heroic in our popular culture that tries to assimilate everyone.

I have to thank Dave Meslin’s TED talk for inspiring this latest post, because it says it well. In speaking about public apathy, or why we don’t get engaged, we offers up the idea that heroes are this mighty persona, if not an actual superhuman. Dave goes on to mention that there are three aspects of being a hero that are real:

  1. It is Collective: it sometimes takes several people to get involved in something
  2. It is imperfect! I love this one. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you get started! You can just put one foot forward and begin. Your passion will attract the answers you need just when you need them if you trust in your self.
  3. It is voluntary: it comes from within.

Now, you take all of these things, and you begin to realise that real change starts with one step toward something meaningful, and we can fail and move sideways and learn all at the same time, and if we call on some friends, or make new ones in the process, all the better.

That’s heroic! That’s an atypical hero, or a typical hero, whichever way you want to see it.

Just start something, if you want to. When your energy rises at the thought of it, when you never tire of it, you can feel a direction forming in your body and mind. follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell was fond of saying. Follow your heart. But, follow something that wants to take you forward that is meaningful to you.

If you need a hand, let’s take that first step together…