When we look at our selves, our inner being, it happens sometimes only fleetingly, little by little. If we want to seriously get to know who we are, we need to take the time to quiet our mind and simply be. All that we are and all that we have constructed will reveal itself in time.
This effort, of presenting free meditation classes to a local community is a fantastic way to sample a diverse range of meditation, facilitated by local masters of varying disciplines.
Check it out and register for some of the classes that intrigue you the most.
I guarantee the rooms will fill up fast and you won’t want to miss this event provided for the month of February only.
See you there!

BLISS OF BEING - Meditation / Wellness Series

Vancouver FoundationVictoria Foundationquadra village

Together with the Vancouver Foundation, the Victoria Foundation and the Quadra Village neighbourhood small grants initiative, we bring you BLISS OF BEING – Free Community Meditations.  

Please join us on a journey into meditation with various forms of meditation practices and variety of wonderful, community minded, meditation teachers throughout the month of February.

Please register as space is limited.  

We look forward to a wonderful month of Bliss of Being.  

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