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Life can be a struggle. It can be hard to adapt to new conditions. It can feed off our energy until it runs dangerously low, but if we are aware of what’s happening, often we can adapt, shift, and change our perspective to one of opportunity and challenge.

There is no good time for something other than right now. Have you ever felt something but never said it out loud? Have you suffered by keeping a thought to yourself because you never found the right time, or the right way to say something that could be seen as negative or indelicate? Now is that time. What comes out is what you say.

Can you deal with some mess in the spirit of communication? Can you agree that the first time your try it, that it might be wrong, that it might be construed differently that the way you anticipated it? Can we say that failure will be our greatest teacher? Attempt to fail many times and you will ultimately succeed!

That feeling in your gut that you get when you are in the middle of an uncomfortable situation is your body saying you are not living the true you. There is something yet uncovered inside of you that is literally bursting to come out!

I have spent a lot of effort on communication over the last couple years and it is really paying off. It’s been hard work learning what works for me, what works for others, accepting issues and failures, but always being willing to come back to the table and work things out has been key.

We are all adults right? So, lets treat each other like adults and not children and speak the truth to one another. Let’s be bold enough to be vulnerable in that truth and open with no shields up. Here it is, that is my truth, and I am vulnerable in telling it to you. That is courageous! That is bold and uncompromising!

In speaking it, we must remain aware of the power of the words we choose, and so much of what we attempt to say can be thwarted by the choice of the words we use to describe what we feel, and what we mean. Use your words carefully that describe only you. After all, it is only you that you want to share with another person. It is only you that reacts. Only you that needs to share. Only you that seeks validation, acknowledgement, clarity, and understanding. So share that part of you.

After cleaning house of my online environment so it reflects a more personal view of the world I desire to see, I am calmer. I have spent quality time with my family this summer and feel more connected. I have rekindled a connection with my son. I spend time with cherished friends. I have a wonderful, deep, connected relationship with my co-pilot of life that challenges me in every way to be a better person, and to seek the best in others, and find ways to share all I know, and what we have learned together with everyone I can.

I am so excited to start the process of bringing everything we have jointly learned to the public soon. It all comes in time, at the right moment. Our intentions are set, the attention is being given, and it rushes forward to meet us even now, and when it does we will be ready.

I love my role as a teacher so much. I want to break the mould of a traditional teacher and find ways to connect with my students on a more holistic level, to help prepare them for the real world as a human being, not just an engineering wizard. This too shall come. I will continue to explore the process of engagement until the right combination of approaches work. I love this journey!

My focus now turns inward. I have successfully surrounded myself with the people I desire to interact with and now I am choosing to look deep within. I want to recreate myself in the image I have in my mind. I want to become that which I know I am. I want to let go of my ego, of the thoughts of who I am and BE. Resurrect the being inside that gave me the uncomfortable gut feelings before I could speak up. I want to pull that essence from deep down inside the mud of my core, deep in the ocean of my senses, up to the surface.

Like the Sea Lion that stirs up the mud of substance to be given to the Raven who creates with it, I too will be recreated with less constraints, more wholeness, and less external agreements.

In doing so I will need to ground myself to my environment even more deeply than I have so far. I have come a long way from having no desire to cover my walls in anything, to having them full of images of life, sayings, positive words and phrases, and cultural vestiges that remind me I am but one in a world of many. I have come far, but need to dive deeper to create a nest, a Shangri-La, a haven.

I want it to be a place of deep grounding, where one can enter and feel completely safe to shed their external and internal layers, and be exposed in the warmth of understanding, communion, connection.

Couches facing one another next to natural light, plants that caress the ceiling and soften the edges. Books everywhere in nooks, and a place for tea and for being still. Areas to work on life’s challenges and soul stirring imagery of the Joie de Vivre!

This will be my focus this winter. Me and my space. Bringing it all home. Collapsing the circle to the centre of self, then re-expanding it outward to all when the time is right.

I had a dream last night that a sea lion kissed me in the ocean, then surrounded me while many other joined in. I felt alive, joyous, special, recognized, acknowledged, intimately joined, and I couldn’t help but think that it was somehow reflecting the steps I have taken in my life to be a better soul. To be the hero that I dream about, read about, want so badly to see walk the steps outside with me. That was truly a wonderful dream.

The journey never ends. Challenges never cease. What we do to observe the situation within and external to us is key in our awareness of self and allowing the full expression of who we are to come out in whatever form it may first take is paramount in the first tentative steps of giving a voice to who we really are.

Be who you are by listening to your inner voice and taking steps to let it sing. Do whatever steps you need to realize your full potential. I guarantee it will blow your mind!Inner and Outer