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Ohh, I used to dwell in the past, and worry about the future so much!

Especially if I was dating someone.  Did they like me?  What would our next step be?  What should we do this weekend?  Then there were just the general thoughts: Where was my life heading? Should I do this or go for that? Am I in the right career? Did I say something wrong at the party?  Then I would berate myself for various things I decided I did wrong.  My head would simply spin, spin, spin if I let it.  When would I ever get a chance to relax??

With so many decisions and thoughts whirling in my head all the time, I didn’t have time to appreciate ‘right now’.  That’s right, THIS moment that we are living right this instant.  I didn’t even know when ‘now’ was.  It simply wasn’t here.

There is so much about right now that I had never thought of, or more accurately, stopped to contemplate.  Right now, this present moment, is really all we have to work our magic with.  It’s the only time we are in full control, or have any real control.  If we are lost in the past, or trying to control the future, we are living a life of delusion; a fantasy world and life!  The reality of it is tat we have absolutely zero control over anything but this crazy thing called this very moment.  This one, and thins one, and this one, and nothing else.

We could die in the very next one, so why would we ever think beyond it? Naturally I am focussing my argument on the in-between thoughts, that don’t concern planning our lunch for tomorrow or showering or paying taxes…all the things we need to do in order to live in our law abiding society.  But our thoughts in between all those tasks, those we need to start shaping to our end, and not the other way around.

This makes we wonder about ‘time’.  Is it natural?  I mean what did people do before the concept of time was created? Certainly, the stars were a much more important source of information than they are to us now, who live in cities that barely allow any starlight to filter down to us at night.  I have only been under the clear skies twice in my life and I must say, I was Blown Away at just how the natural night sky looks!  It is absolutely majestic!

I can imagine people used the location of the sun in the daytime, and there were probably a few sundials around, or fence  posts and so on to tell approximate time with, but were they as obsessed as we are today?  No way.

I can imagine them very much in the moment.  Dealing with time pressures insomuch as crop harvesting, tending new animals, feeding time, getting chores done before sundown, and the like.

Sure they worked hard, and in that perhaps they too struggled with staying in the moment, but I bet they relished the sweet winds that came and cooled them down in summer.  I bet they smiled at the rain that nourished their thirsty crops, and I wonder if they had any other mechanism to wake up other than listening for roosters.  I bet the sounds of the birds were sufficient and could be heard in all their natural sweetness with no traffic to drown them out.

Oh, such a time to harken back to in our mind.  Let’s not forget that all those sounds and actions of nature are still with us today.  The sun can still strike that flag pole and tell us the time if we chose to look at it instead of the digital clock across the street. The wind still blows in the summer, and the rain still quenches our local watersheds and back yard gardens.

We just need to appreciate the simple connections, the natural sounds of birds outside our window, and the myriad of sounds of the world when we stop and listen.

I say it’s ‘time’ to stop, slow down at least, and listen to your heart, listen to the world at 5am, smell the damp earth after a rain, and search the sky at night for what others must have seen even thousands of years ago: the multitude of shining lamps winking at us from beyond.

These small things actually mean a lot.

I stopped worrying about what tomorrow would bring, and about what I did yesterday in favour of creating the best me each day.  I know that if I focus on today, if I focus on right now, I can be better than who I was yesterday, and in doing so, I know I will be better tomorrow.

If every moment is a note, let’s string together such sounds that our life makes the sweetest music, and when more than one person does this, we build an orchestra of such splendid strings of present moments. This magical music of such symphonic majesty will draw others to us, and to the connectedness of each conscious soul in the universe.

Life is ultimately beautiful and perfect just the way it is, in just the right way, when we learn to see it for what it is.

Life simply is.

We simply are.