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This blog, with with all the 100+ articles, comes straight from my experiences in life, and straight from my heart. The thoughts and lessons that I learn and can pass on. It doesn’t mean I am perfect, since I am far from it. But it does mean that I am creating a better version of myself every time I become aware of something new.

I like that.

The site’s address is a play on words.  It could mean ‘a typical hero’, or an ‘atypical hero’ as well. What I focus on mainly is the ability of every single person to realise the vast potential they have within themselves to become a hero.

We must realise that becoming a hero may never reach the point where we become the hero that we envision. You already have a preconceived notion of a hero, don’t you?  But what if we could simply be a kind of hero to another person? To help someone else? To say hello, or even to smile.  Just the acknowledgement of another that may rarely receive it can send a positive message to another, and if they happen to be feeling lonely, or down, or out of sorts, you may just lift them up enough to change their day, or change their life!

Heroic deeds do not have to be grandiose, they merely need to generate a positive energy.  Most, if not all, acts of heroism usually require a sacrifice.  It may be small, as in a smile, or it may be devotion to a cause that strips everything away from that person.

In my articles, I concentrate my lens on the small acts that can change our lives from the inside out.  The small things that we can easily change that can make big differences in other people’s lives.

Few videos capture the essence of this concept like this one.  I am sharing it because I rarely see a good one that uplifts the small acts of kindness we can all perform to make our world better, one person at a time.  Have a look.  I quite like it and it gets me every time.

When you are done watching it, I challenge you to simply sit and think about how you could do one act of generosity, one act of kindness…tomorrow.

Please enjoy.