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When I first moved in to this apartment, my walls were pretty bare.  I had a couple pictures, a couch and a TV. That’s about it. I didn’t particularly enjoy my apartment. Although the location was excellent, I was hoping to get off the ground floor at some point and maybe even get in to a nicer place.

That’s a pretty basic wish for many people I bet.

From this frame of mind, or perspective, I didn’t see much use in putting up pictures or filling out my wall space with anything. Even after a year, my place had changed very little.  Later, I would put up some of my important pictures with nice frames and some ones of my family, I was making some great progress…but, most of my wall space was still barren.

I had never thought much about my walls. I saw them as an area that required work, or money, or both to make them nice, and only people who are egoists or insecure needed to see such things.  Where did all those thoughts come from? Why was I resisting?

In doing so, I was conditioning my mind to believe something that I had decided upon.  Because I decided this apartment was second rate, I behaved in the fashion that was becoming of that environment.  I didn’t think I had any control over where I lived, or how it looked, so I couldn’t see a way to make it any better  Why would I want to?  A pig with a hat is still a pig, right?

Let’s not get caught up in all the easy ways of looking at something.  If we glance at something and judge it, we really haven’t given it much thought, and I needed to change the way I thought about my environment. Sure, my apartment is a box, but so are many other nice apartments or houses.  Okay, so it doesn’t have any modern furniture and appliances, and I wasn’t about to change of that, but there is something I started to realize I did have control over: the look of the walls.

Let me tell you what started to trigger my slow understanding of the effect wall space was having on me.

My girlfriend’s place was a nice house, not far from mine, and every time I went over to visit, I felt this very calm, loving feeling wash over me.  Yes, it was partly being with her, but there was something else. I loved the environment.  There were sayings on the walls, many photos, and vision boards that reflected not only current desires but those of years past as well.  The pictures that were there were not expensive, but they did create a visual aspect of nature, calm, and joy.  I loved it…and there were times when it was hard to leave.

When I came back to my apartment, the difference was magnified.  My place felt bleak, spartan, and cold, next to her colourful, surrounding, and warm atmosphere. I have to tell you, it didn’t register for a long while that I could actually change the way my place felt just by making few simple changes.  I continued to cling to my thought, my limitation, that my apartment would never reflect the atmosphere I desired.  How wrong I was!

What happened next was truly a wondrous transformation in just a few weeks.  I had put up a few items on my wall over the year to the point that I was happy or settled that I had put up everything I wanted on my walls.  It was still sparse, and some of it was just to take up space.  Then, I was in one of those dollar stores and they had a bunch of words that that you could purchase to put on your wall as décor for cheap.  I grabbed three for a total of $9.  I added that to a couple wall decals that I put up a while back that held some inspirational sayings.

I added a picture I received for Christmas of my animal spirit: a crow.  I just love crows.  I connect with them.  I was starting to notice these words a few times when I came home as one is right where I put my keys when I get in the door. Then I did something wonderful to my walls…

Before I tell you what that was, let me give you some background. The tradition for New Years Eve is to create a vision board. I did have one up from last year in a wonderful frame I was given, but it wasn’t making much of an impact.  In creating a new one this New Years Eve, I decided to make it reflective of the past year, since I had so many wonderful pictures of all the events I did and wanted to remember.  It made a super board, very colourful and full of great moments that I can really get into when I look at it every day. In doing so my girlfriend also made one for this year and mounted it on my wall.  You see, she was in the process of moving and didn’t have wall space at the time.  Then she pulled out her old vision board from last year, and now I had three vision boards ready to go up on my walls!

For those of you that haven’t heard of vision boards, they are personal boards that depict all sorts of desires for the coming year in images and words.  They are visual cues for your intentions and act as a reminder of where to place your attention. Here are some examples:


Now my walls started to speak to me!  I couldn’t believe the way I started to feel every time I looked at my walls and these boards, along with all the other words and phrases I was seeing.  I was starting to really feel a shift.

It’s as if I met, and exceeded, a threshold of my environment that started to make a difference in how I was feeling.  Shortly after this, I decided to look in the local used area for some furniture I wanted.  I got a nice love seat and a couple tables to help me work on my school work.  Over one weekend my apartment was transformed into a loving space!  I now love being in it and getting back to it. It really speaks to me on so many levels.

What I realized is that it doesn’t take much at all to transform a living space, even one that is not to your original liking, in to one that really speaks to you.

“My living space is now my loving space”

After I had lived and really enjoy this new look, I thought to myself that this is something that could be measured.  I could actually look at older photos of my apartment and figure out how much wall space, or real estate I was using that spoke to me or my dreams, versus the blank space, or the space that didn’t matter to me.


You can do this too, as an experiment.  Look in one room, a place where you spend a significant amount of time, and look at your wall ‘real estate’.  How do you fill it out? Do you have a big screen TV in there?  Are there photos that are meaningful to you?  Do they bring back fond memories? Are there sayings that speak to you, either now, or from your childhood, that you would love to see again?

One saying that spoke to me that I found again and reprinted was that called Desiderata.  It usually hung in the kitchen wherever we were and I always spoke the first few lines in my head every tie I saw it.  I swear it made me a calmer more tolerant person for it.  Now I see it as part of my vision board every day.

So, how well is your wall real estate matching your intentions, your desires, your life goals and dreams?  If I went in to your living room and looked on your wall, what would it tell me about you?

I firmly believe now that we can make vast improvements to how we feel, no mater what environment or poor apartment we live in as long as we can spend some time creating something personal, inspiring, and relevant to us and place it on the walls.

If you are finding your environment to be lacking you can make some simple changes to freshen it up and speak to you at every moment.  I tell you, it has made a huge difference in my life, in how I feel in my own apartment and I can see now that my initial thoughts of not doing much of anything were nothing but sour grapes, a self limiting thought that kept me in a state of dismissal about the power I actually had over changing what mattered to me.

We do have the power to change many things in our lives.  Sometimes it comes to us over time until we realise it, like this wall space did for me, and sometimes it’s more readily apparent to us in the moment.  Whatever you no longer want in your life, or whatever you do want in your life, know that you have the power to manifest, to co-create the future of your dreams.

It took me a long time to realise I could do some very simple things to change my environment, and it’s made a huge difference in the way I feel when I am home.  By changing the way my visual environment looks, I feel that much closer to living my dreams, and feeling uplifted by everything I see every day.

Have you made some changes like this?  How well did it work for you?