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Time is like the continuum of life.

It contains, within it, a full spectrum of birth and death, but they become polar opposites in the stillness of a moment; where life is truly lived, and time simply disappears.

When, is a measure of the difference between now and another moment.

Now, can never be measured.

The First Post

My very first post was 364 days ago.  I am on the last day of exactly one year of thinking, and writing, about heroes in our culture, heroes in society, and the underlying hero that lives within our soul or spirit.  In that first post I wrote that this was “my attempt to manifest a Hero in 365 days.”

I think it is only proper to reflect upon the meaning of the purpose of this blog on the last day, and see whether I achieved a measure of success.  Here are some of my thoughts:

We all struggle in life.  The struggle we endure is manifested both in the outer world in which we interact physically, and the inner world of our minds.  The journey we start in order to overcome the obstacles in our life are very similar to the cycles in the hero’s journey; well described by Joseph Campbell.

The Hero’s Journey

They represent this struggle in the form of an adventure, where we ultimately return with special knowledge/elixir/cure over the adversary/issue/obstacle to share with others.

It can be represented across so many different types of instances or struggles: creating a new business, the changes of adulthood, overcoming a physical illness, finding the answer to a problem, becoming enlightened, and so on.

Whether we actually find a mentor to take us on the journey, or use our inner mentor, find guidance in the universe, or a spirit we hold dear, the result bears an uncanny resemblance to this cycle.  The take away for me, is this: when we triumph over a problem, big or small, we are adding systematically to the Hero Quotient (HQ) inside of us.  This tally of wins, or measure of triumphs, is important to dwell upon, and celebrate, because they form the foundation for the sense of heroic power within each and every one of us.

We need to celebrate our HQ because it reminds us of the power we have over our enemies, even if they aren’t physical, even if they are elements within our self.  The mindset of a hero, where the power to continue in the face of adversity, or the unknown, comes from within, can make all the difference when we face the uncertainty in our path.  When we start to believe in our ability to persevere, we are calling upon this inner strength of triumph; this gives us our confidence in life to surmount these challenges and I feel it is imperative to develop this in everyone.

My Journey

I was jobless for 30 days before starting this blog, and didn’t have any idea of how to balance that fact with a new relationship and my family.  I could have succumbed to the despair many people experience in those types of situations, but I found a way to press on.  One of the many facets of my new relationship that assisted me, was my girlfriend’s ability to foster growth within me.  She gently guided me to a place of calm self introspection, where I began to make changes in my life that were in better alignment with the ultimate goals in my life. The result was a career opportunity teaching young minds at a local college.  Triumph!  And now that I have successfully finished teaching three classes, I love it.  Double triumph!

Throughout the year, the strains and stresses the universe gave me, provided many learning opportunities, as they do for most of us, if we look at them in this light. And although it held feelings of great loss, financial pressure, and personal pain, it also encapsulated moments of supreme beauty, family ties, wondrous nature, self exploration, joy, bliss, deep conversations, fun, and play.

My Muse

I am extremely grateful to my girlfriend.  I call her my muse.  She supplied my mind with much to think about, ponder, and chew on, for she inspires me with her wisdom, courage, and strength.  She introduced meditation to me in the form of the popular Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day series, the first of which I heard was Perfect Health.  It took me on a journey outside of my issues and let me see the world through different lens or perspectives.  It also gave my brain time to process the many issues it was dealing with at the time.  Meditation settled me, and gave me a tool that developed my sense of perspective.

Then we both read Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson, and that was a great teaser on the power of our mind.  Our discussions broached many subjects from habits, to addictions, to family roles, and ties to past events.  I am convinced that the vast majority in our society are addicted to something, co-depend someone, and wear Egoic masks to conceal our true identity, which we never spend enough time getting to know.

In that first post, I felt a sense of ‘lack’ within myself.  I felt as if I had failed in achieving my life’s goals.  I sincerely needed to create, or discover, my confidence once again.  I am happy to suggest to you, that I feel very different today.  As a matter of fact, I had forgotten about how I was really feeling back then, until just now when I reread that passage.  That makes me smile.

Awakening to the Power Within

I feel more in control.  I feel more broadly appreciative of life, of other people, and very peaceful.  I still lose the calm, however, and I act and react like any other unconscious person, when I don’t contribute to my self care program in a thoughtful manner.  Last night my girlfriend and I both handed out care packages to the needy and I felt a tremendous amount of sincere appreciation from the people that it touched.I felt like I was, in a small way, a real hero.  In this respect, I do think this blog has awakened the sense of the hero within, which I would call a measure of success.

I have made a step in the right direction and I feel my HQ has risen.  Throughout my other 97 posts I believe I have uncovered some very simple questions we can ask ourself in life.  I delivered my thoughts as musings, and gave you a taste of the lessons I learned along the way.  I won’t summarize them all here and now, because that will be the task of writing them all in book form.  My next quest.

I hope you have found some inspiration along the way.  I know that if we just take the time to think about, ponder, and meditate on what it is that we want in our life, we can make it happen.  We can manifest the dream-like life we all desire if we ‘put our minds to it’.

What Time Holds

When we were young, we were different.  Our bodies were different, our personalities were different, and even the cells in our bodies were completely different.  We change every day, every moment, and it’s mostly imperceptible to us. Changes in others, or within us, often trigger changes in the relationships we hold, even the very close ones.  Sometimes we don’t want the relationships to change and others times we romanticize the past in order keep things from changing, but we need to let go of the past in order to embrace the present.  Always being open to what is, takes courage, mental flexibility and a keen sense of detachment from the meaning we give it, which are our stories.

What we might not realise is that the changes we bring about in ourselves sometimes necessitate changes in others.  Our relationships with them undergo changes, like an elastic band between two fingers, where we try to flex only one finger and both fingers end up feeling the stress.   The very nature of relationship is the ‘relation’ it creates; always relative to who we are.

One of the most pervasive questions I have ever come across is this:

Who are you?

Two follow-up questions I like to ask are:

  1. Do you know what your passion is?
  2. What steps have you taken to realize your passion?

These worldly quests are on my plate, my next ‘to do’ list if you will.  They are not simple to answer, and may take on several different answers as I mature.

As I change, no doubt my relationships with the people around me will change too. I have to be willing to surrender those old ties, and appreciate the new ways I might connect with loved ones, friends and family.  It’s all very exciting!

I will continue to post my thoughts and lessons as they occur to me, because this is now a part of my life.  It may twist and turn through various subjects, but ultimately, I am on a Hero’s Journey, and I want to be able to tell you about what I see on the other side!

Stay tuned, and in the present moment.  I think I hear the call to adventure!