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I am inspired, and I shall remain inspired, by the heroes that made a difference to me over this past year.  For the rest of 2014, I will be highlighting the heroes that I have heard, or read, or saw, that made an impact one way or another on me.  I will wrap up with some research in to the local heroes that continue to inspire so many acts of bravery, kindness, and personal growth in us all.

This blog, and all of the articles since I started writing it, were steps in a personal journey that I was happy to share with whomever wanted to read or listen.  It has been quite a year and I have learned a tremendous amount about myself during that time.

I have listened to Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and read many books like the ones I quote so often from don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements, and Dr. Rick Hanson’s Buddha’s Brain, and so many more!  I have attended the You Can Do It! conference and met many of these global heroes like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Jim Kwik, the learning expert.

I have meditated on issues of self, and external relationships, as I try to understand how I became the person I am, and I have tried, sometimes by trial and error, to cut the ties to behaviours I no longer wish to feed.

Probably the most important, most fruitful of all of my exercises this year has been to discuss all of my multitude, and sometimes consuming, thoughts with my dearest partner.  She has been my sounding board, my mirror, and my counsel through this entire year, and I am grateful for all she brings to my life.  She is the inspiration behind many, even most, of the posts I write.  She is my muse.  She is my inspiring hero, and I desire growth, not just for personal gain or satisfaction, but in order to give her the best a person can be in return.  She deserves a hero too.

Now, I shall begin to look outward and share the inspiration, the heroes, and the people that said, or wrote, or did something that meant something to me and my journey, that I find beneficial to share with all.

Most recently, to me, I discovered that Mr. Denzel Washington made a small speech to a group of actors that was inspiring.  He talked of dreams and how to achieve them.  “Dreams without goals remain dreams and ultimately fuel disappointment,” he said.  He went on to suggest we need discipline and consistency to achieve them.  Amen to that!  Have a look:

Mr Washington revisits the tenets that I struggle to adhere to even today.  I try to work on myself every day, though I grow tired at times.  I struggle to work on my body, though I may feel weary.  But, when I hear a very successful man, a man I respect, for what he has achieved and for how he is perceived in the media, talk of dedication and discipline, I know there is no easy road to the life I seek.  I know there is pavement to run on, there are trials to overcome, and many hard days ahead before the fruit of my seeds, that I sow now, are realised.  This sets my view squarely forward and reminds me to set the goals that make the steps within reach.

Let’s not forget to celebrate them either!  This short video clip reminds me that if I set achievable goals early, I can feel like I am making progress when it may seem the hardest to initiate change in my life.  I can celebrate them and acknowledge my forward progress.  Like this little girl on America’s funniest Home Videos, this is how I hope it feels!  Have a look:

Talk about being happy about doing something that we are proud of, that means something personally to us.  It not only makes us happy, but those watching us celebrate as well!

As don Miguel Ruiz writes in his book, The Four Agreements, the fourth agreement is “Always do your best”.  This video clip off of Donnie McClurkin’s Facebook page is of a Samoan student in class that leads a group to sing and clap in unison in dramatic fashion.  He doesn’t just lead them in song, he inspires their best to those who may be watching, including me.  These Samoan children really know how to do it right!  They celebrate their song to the limit and don’t just sing it, they live it! That is showing the world your best.  Have a look:

As Dr Joe Dispenza says, if we want to initiate change in our life, we need to start with our environment.  How can we change if our environment keeps us feeling the same as we have always felt, which triggers behaviours that we have always done.  We need to break the chain and do something different, and in order to do so, often a change of environment is a perfect place to start.  Get uncomfortable, go away, change your apartment up to look different.

I’m thinking of a brand new way to set up my apartment right now, so I better get to it!  I want to change my environment so when my brain wants to be equal to my environment, it will have to change with it.  And in that change, I can start to make real progress.

I wish you all the very best on your own journey, whatever that may be in life. Stay tuned as I highlight many more inspirational moments that were milestones in my most recent journey.  December is going to be a very inspiring month!