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I came across a non profit organisation today while floating around Facebook.  I love inspiring stories, articles of positivism, and pay it forward stories that motivate me.  This particular not-for-profit, NFP, I was surprised to learn was from my own city, and I have never heard of them.

herowork2Isn’t is surprising to learn about new companies, or events, or places that you never knew existed when you start to travel outside your typical places of comfort?  I love learning about new things, places, events, and people that share the vision I have for a better world.

One of the aspects that drew me to this group was their name: Hero Work. Naturally I would feel an affinity toward them, right?  This is what they do:

The HeroWork Society organizes modern-day versions of old-fashioned barn raisings, called Radical Community Renovations. These are fast-paced, leadership-driven renovation events that bring people, communities, and companies together to renew non-profit infrastructure.

In Canada many non-profits and charities have physical assets–neighbourhood halls, shelters, parks, recreation centers, halfway houses, etc.–that are diminished and in need of renewal. Without proper up-to-date buildings they are unable to efficiently deliver their mandates.

The current methods of financing, funding, and maintaining this community infrastructure are insufficient and inadequate. HeroWork will help meet this need by organizing Radical Community Renovations at typically less than 20% of the traditional construction costs.


It takes every single one of us to make a difference in this world.  Is there a talent you have that you can share within someone to make their day brighter?  Can you find a like-minded organisation to share some time with?  What is dear to your heart?  I guarantee that there are people right now in your city wishing that you were with them to share a dream, a thought, or a kindness.

Here’s another example of awesomeness from last night.  My girlfriend and I were out for dinner, enjoying the mild winter and sights of the holiday lights on the trees.  We wanted to ride the Ferris wheel that sits in our city square, nestled next to City Hall.

xmas-ferriswheel-413x432It runs in the evening and rides are just $2.  the event is sponsored or run by our Downtown Victoria Business Association.  It looks like so much fun!  Well, to our mutual chagrin, we started dinner off a bit late trying to find a place that didn’t have a 30 minute wait list.  Finally we found a very nice restaurant at Moxie’s on Yates Street. I have to tell you, on a busy Friday night at about 8pm, it was hard to find such a place that we could walk in and sit down.  Right by the window too. Nice!

The reason I am telling this tale, is because if you are from Victoria, you have to know we have tons of servers, and some are ok at their job, and for most it’s just a job.  Well, we were thrilled to have this young man serve us because he literally was perfect!  He gave us wine tasters to select the one we wanted, and it made a difference in choosing.  He opened a bottle so professionally and recounted his worst ever wine opening from his past.  So much fun!  Such service with a smile and fun interaction.

It was a joy to be there.  He came and refilled the glasses and left us to talk when we were engaged.  Sublime!  I wish I grabbed his name so I could give him personal credit…next time!

Anyway, we had such a good time we missed out on the Ferris wheel ride, but it looks like many got a special ride.  Check this out!


I love it.  Although we missed out, many others received a kindness, and that warms my heart!

kindnessYYJ busIt doesn’t take money either. How about talking to someone on the bus, or sharing your music with the person sitting next to you.  Just engaging someone could light them up like a beautiful Christmas Tree, setting their soul free for a time.  This picture was taken by  a lady watching behind them.  She commented beautifully too:

“To the pretty girl who sat in the front seat of the #10 bus this morning and had a conversation with the down-on-his-luck gentleman sharing the seat, you have a beautiful soul and the patience of a saint. Sharing your music with that man completely made his day. It warmed my heart this morning to see him bopping along to the beat. You’re amazing! From the girl in the seat behind you.”

It just made me think that no matter who we are, no matter where we live, we can do something for someone else to make their day!  Smile at a stranger, hold the door open for someone, lend a hand, share a kindness, a story, a joke, or simply an ear to a story.  You don’t have to be radical renovators, or sit with the homeless to be a light in this world.  You can be the joy in someone else’s eye by just being you.

We all have it in us to uplift others, so let’s get out there and one more light to the world and make this world a brighter place to live.